How To Make A Website Blog - 6 Ways To Make It More Interesting

Best Website Hosting for Small Business

Get a brand new website up and running in 3 days, with the first month’s hosting included, and a free domain name for only $89.00 $59.00 setup.

Now you can get your piece of the internet pie without any technical knowledge and just basic computer skills. We do the heavy lifting for you. You make a couple of choices regarding the niche and we take it from there.You get a complete site, usually within 3 days. We’ll even continue to support you, and provide help and training even after your site is running full steam and making money.

Have you tried to get a website going on your own? Then you know that it’s very technical, and loaded with gotchas, even with the many courses that are available to help you. We take care of all that. You just make a few decisions with our help, turn around, and your website appears.

If you’ve looked at having someone set up a website for you, you know that it is usually rather expensive. You can plan on between $300 and $5,000 dollars. Well, we have developed a way to install unique websites very fast, that are not only attractive, but also quickly rank well in the search engines.

You only have to do three things to get started.

  • Pick your market.
  • Choose a domain name.
  • Choose your theme.

We do the keyword research

Pick your market and we will do the keyword research that will provide you with 10 keyword phrases pointing to niches within your market. The keyword phrases will be chosen using keyword software that checks not only the traffic for the keyword, but how tough the competition is, and how many actual buyers do this search as well, but you don’t need to know any of that. We’ll handle it.

We’ll find a domain name for you

We will provide you with 3 domain name choices in the dot com or dot org space from the list of keyword phrases. You pick the domain name from those choices, or if you prefer, any other domain name that’s not taken. We’ll register the domain for you, and point it to your hosting account, all included.

We’ll have your site running in three days

Then we’ll grab a generic theme to get your site started, and we’ll show you where to go to find a solid theme for your site. You pick a theme, or not, and we’ll immediately start on your site.  Within three days, you’ll have a 6 page site complete with an auto-blog making more pages every day or two, even as you sleep.

 You’ll get…

  • A home page with fresh content. This can be a sales page if you want
  • A blog page with links to post pages and automatic content
  • A privacy policy page
  • A Disclosure page
  • A contact page with a form forwarding to your email
  • One additional page with an article on the topic of your site
  • C Panel access to your site
  • WordPress access to your site
  • 15 WordPress plugins to improve the Search Engine Optimization, etc.
  • 2 gig bandwidth with additional available
  • 1 gig disk space
Your site will be professionally built with the amazing WordPress system, and you’ll have full control of it. You’ll be able to add posts, pages, images, and much, much more, all without any knowledge of HTML at all. You’ll even have a contact page that will deliver your visitors messages to your inbox, while it automatically deletes the spam.

Don’t forget the smartphone market.

We’ll install the best plugins to provide all kinds of benefits. Things like having your search engine optimization (SEO) automated. Page caching that will make your site blazing fast. Social bookmarking plugins that will help put your site in the middle of the internet conversation.  There’s even a plugin that will make your site compatible with iPods and other mobile phones, so you can catch that huge and growing market.

After our initial setup, you will be able to login to your site and add or remove anything you like to make your site your own. You’ll be in control at that point.

But we aren’t finished…

When we setup your site we’ll build 5 backlinks for your web site so that the search engines will index your site quickly. Usually within a week. Then, we’ll provide 1 backlink per week for the first 4 months. this will get your site moving to the top of the search engine result pages (SERP’s).

Ridiculous you say?

It can’t be done? Well I beg to differ. I’m sick to death of all the automated software that’s being sold today to help folks setup websites. Most of it doesn’t work, and the stuff that does is so lame that by the time you get it configured, you might as well have done it yourself.

This is different.

These websites will be built by our in house team. Each will be unique within the niche you choose. We have developed methods that allow us to build sites quickly. That is what makes this system work.

Local businesses can really do well with this system.

If you have a local business you want to promote on the internet, this is your chance to get a professional website at a price you can afford. Imagine your store having a website that is not just on the web, but has the ability to get real traffic. Imagine what you can do with 10,000 visitors a month, or 100,000. This is completely achievable using our methods.

The local sites we have installed are all on the first page of Google for their main keyword phrases. In fact some of them have gone statewide for 4 keyword phrases which has raised their traffic by 500%. Imagine what it would be like to have a statewide advertising platform for your local business.


If you’ve always wanted an online business, this is the time. We will do exactly what we say we’ll do, and you have a full 60 day money back guarantee so you have absolutely no risk. We take all the risk for you. In fact, we’re so sure this offer will help make your business money that we are more than happy to provide this guarantee.

Your site is all yours

Once we’ve got your site running, it’s yours. After the initial guarantee period, you can transfer your domain name, and website, to another registrar and internet host any time you want. We’ll make it easy for you if you choose to move, unlike some other website systems I could mention. I know that I’ve purchased a lot of websites that when I decided to go my separate way I couldn’t take the site with me. It was just a total loss.

We’re test marketing this right now, so there is limited availability. We’re offering this to just a few people while we finish the promotional material.  When we do the full launch, the price will go up considerably, so if you’ve been thinking about setting up a website and marketing on the internet, now is the time.

So… for a limited time, save some money…

the setup fee will be $49.00 not $79.00, you save $30 bucks right off the bat and you still get a free domain name and the first month of hosting free.

Do the math.

The domain name and first month of hosting comes to $27-32 depending on where you register your domain, so you are actually getting your site completely setup for around $19.00. How’s that for a deal? The problem is, when we’re ready to go with this full throttle, the discount goes away for good, so you need to act now! Inc. (Ohio, USA) is an authorized retailer for goods and services provided by Microsys Technologies, Inc.

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How To Make A Website Blog - 6 Ways To Make It More Interesting